Relocation Service

Relocation is the process of moving to a different country to work for a certain period.
JKR is here to provide the total relocation service for expatriates to settle comfortably in Korea.

Home Search

First of all, we gather information from clients of their preferences – such as their preferred neighborhood, locations, public transportations – meeting your budget, and list up the available residences through our real estate agents. We will visit a few residences before you make a final decision. You will have plenty of time to narrow your options down as well.  Negotiations will be available upon request.

Once your decision is made, we help you with drafting the lease and assist with the payment process as well before you move in.


Living in a foreign country needs some time to adjust to their new environment.

Thus, to make it easier for you, we provide a city tour which is called a city orientation.

It involves:

Expat area tour / introduction

Sample housing & School visit if required

Public transportation guide

Introduction of international clinic, book store, Korean restaurant, markets

Sightseeing near your town

We are willing to introduce and search places upon your requests

Moving & Settling-in

Settling-in service is focused on our assistance after moving in

List below is what we help with:

Opening a Korean bank account

Move in inspection

Handover keys, manuals & Guideline

Resident/Car Registration

Installation of facilities: Internet, Cable, landline phone, etc.

Explanation of home appliances

Explanation of how to pay for the bills: water, electricity, gas, etc.

Orientation [Introduction] of your neighborhood

Shopping for basic essentials such as food, appliances, clothing and furniture.

School search

It could be a big concern to determine which schools to choose for your children if they accompany you during your assignment. Thus, we introduce international and foreign schools for your family also coordinate your school visit and tour with the admission department of schools.

Cross-cultural training

Lease or Rental Furniture, Appliance and Cars

Household goods & Furniture

Rental Car


When it’s time to return your home country, you may want to make sure all your items and services are closed properly, so here’s what we do for you.


Pre-departure meeting

Lease Termination and security deposit [Key money] return

Return of house-related keys and cards

Utility service cancellation and disconnection (gas, water, electricity, cable TV and internet, etc.)

Calculation of Utilities

Mobile phone and bank account cancellation

Mail Forwarding (available for three months)

Final inspection (to check if there are any missing or damaged items in your house)

Lease or Rental Furniture, Appliance and Cars

Household goods & Furniture

Rental Car

We can respond quickly and easily to any inquiries and can give real-time updates on results