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Business structure, type of occupation, duration of stay, etc. determine the visa status.
We are mainly concentrated on C3-4, C4, D7, D8, D9, E3, E7, F3 and F4 visas.
For other visas, we are also open to counsel for you.

Short-term Visa

(Less than 90days)

C3 and C4 visa application should be applied from outside of Korea at Korean consulate.

C3-4 Visa

(Temporary Business)

Those seeking short-term stay for market research, liaison, observation, consultation, contract, installation / repair/ inspection/ operation of machinery for import/ export or any such similar purpose.

C4 Visa

(Temporary Employment)

Those seeking temporary employment such as short-term entertainment, advertisement, fashion model, lecture, research or technical training, shipbuilding works etc

Long-term Visa

(More than 90days)

Korea working visa and ARC (Alien Registration Card)

All foreigners who intending to stay longer than 90days in Korea need to register as foreign residents with the local immigration office as well as apply for ARC after enter Korea.

D4 Visa


General Training or Intern) visa : Those who get education or training as an intern or engage in research at Foreigner Investment Company.

D7 Visa

(Intra Company Transfer)

Those who have worked for more than a year for the headquarters, a branch, or any other establishment by a public institution, organization or company of a foreign origin.Those who are now being dispatched as a specialist at the branch office, subsidiary or supervising office of foreign company in Korea or an interrelated company appointed by the Minister of Justice of Korea.

D8 Visa

(Corporate Investment)

A specialist participating in administration / management or production / technological development of a foreign investment company as outlined by the “Foreign Investment Promotion Act.”

D9 Visa

(Trade Management)

A specialist dispatched to a public or private organization in Korea for installation, operation and repair of imported machinery or supervising production of industrial facility.

E3 Visa


Those invited by public / private institution in Korea to engage in research and development relating to natural science or advanced technology.

E4 Visa

(Technological Guidance)

Those invited by Korean public / private organization to offer special technology or expertise in natural science or high technology field.   Those who offer special technology or expertise unavailable in Korea.

E5 Visa

(Special Profession)

Those foreigners with international license for lawyer, CPA, physician, or other such profession recognized by Korean law who wish to practice their profession in their respective areas as permitted under Korean law.

E7 Visa

(Employment, specially designated activities)

Those participating in activities specially designated by the Minister of Justice through contract with public/private organization in Korea.

Dependent visa for family members: Family or relative visit support

F3 Visa

(Family dependency)

Spouse or unmarried Children under 20 years old of Long Term Visa Holder.

F1 Visa

(Visiting and staying with relatives)

Those who come to visit their relatives or stay with their family member.

F4 Visa

(Overseas Korean)

Those who had Korean nationality in the past and acquired foreign nationality. Those with a non-Korean nationality who has at least one parent or grandparent who is Korean or had Korean nationality in the past.

F6 Visa

(Spouse of a Korean national)

Visa: Spouse of a Korean national or a permanent residence status(F5) holder.Those who are granted Refugee recognition.

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